Sid Forman Manufacturing Jewellers

I started off at Sid Forman as a Social Media Manager, however, slowly developed into a full-time Online and Digital Marketing Manager. with experience in the following, however not limited to:


Social Media Content Creation and CopyWriting, Social Media Account Management, Website Design, Development and Building, Branding and Re-Branding, Blog and Newsletter Writing, Photoshoot Styling, Edits and Assistant Photography, Visual Merchandising, SEO, Traditional Online and Print Advertising, Email Marketing, as well as, Product and Jewellery Design. I was also sent to Hong Kong as a buyer in September 2018!



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Sivana Diamonds 

Similarly to Sid Forman, I took over the general role of Online and Digital Marketing Manager for Sivana Diamonds CC, a diamond dealer and jewellery manufacturer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I managed all of the above-listed roles, as well as whatever else, crossed my path. With offices in Miami, I was tasked with building an e-commerce site that allowed locals as well as internationals to order jewellery online. 


Instagram: @SivanaDiamondsSA

Facebook: Sivana Diamonds

Twitter: @SivanaDiamonds

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OTZAR: Luxury Gents Jewellery Collection

This high-end luxury jewellery brand for men was designed with the purpose of fulfilling a gap within the South African Jewellery Market: a need for men's adornments. OTZAR was conceptualised and designed to cater to a luxury African market. In addition to the Brand Bible and Identity Creation, I too designed and merchandised the items within this range. These designs were built by a CAD expert and are in the process of being created into real-life items of jewellery. 


Out To Lunch/ Wholesome Café and Events 

Creative Plant-Based Vegan Food. I worked for Out To Lunch for five years, managing many aspects of the business, however, the majority of the Digital and Social Media Creation, Implementation and Execution was managed by me. I art directed and managed shoots with WokShots Photography helped with recipe creation, got knee-deep in sales and managed the day to day running of all aspects social.  Unfortunately, due to illness, the owner had to close the business down in 2019; and that was the end of my mouth-watering day to day social activities with Wholesome

Instagram: @OutToLunchDBN

Facebook: Out To Lunch Events and Wholesome Café

Blaze-Filled Gold Jewellery 

I conceptualised and designed the entire branding of this company based on the ideas of the owners. In addition, I designed product merchandising and store CAD designs. The company did not take off as the owners decided not to go through with the project due to personal financial obligations between partners. 

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